MicroHaar Mircopigmentation – because of its simplicity and safety, is becoming more and more popular all around the world as an alternative method to regain a good look. Learn more how to get rid of baldness once and for all and look 10 years younger. Permanently!


Stress, losing high self-esteem, or even depression – these are the psychological consequences of getting bald. Many of us try to hide our negative feelings regarding losing hair but this nightmare may soon come to an end because there is a new method to fight hair loss on the market. MicroHaar Micropigmentation will make you look even 10 years younger.


The treatment: Special and natural hair follicle-look-like pigment is applied point-wise under the skin. Effect: Hairless skin looks exactly as if it was densely covered with cropped hair.


Regardless of the reason and progression of losing hair, thanks to MicroHaar Micropegmentation you can regain self-esteem and good look very fast (even within 3 to 4 weeks).

The idea of MicroHaar Micropigmentation is simple. We help people who suffer from hair loss - complete or partial. Regardless of the cause, we are able to cover any kind of baldness. How does it work? Micropigmentation is the process of covering the head skin with thousands of points that are deceptively similar to hair roots. These imitating cropped hair points are made of a few shades of natural pigments that are injected into the skin. Thus, the treatment resembles tattooing - but it is fundamentally different.

In MicroHaar Micropigmentation, the pigments are injected into the second layer of the skin (not in the third one as in the case of the traditional tattoo). It makes Micropigmentation easy to painlessly remove or correct with laser – without any visible scars or traces of the treatment. Thus, MicroHaar Micropigmentation is fully reversible, which is not so in the case the tattoo. What is more, in the process of Micropigmentation, only natural pigments of different shades are used to make the outcome look 100% natural.

After the treatment, our customers can barely recognize where their hairline ends and where the pigment begins. That is the best recommendation.

The biggest advantages of MicroHaar Micropigmentation:


Using a few shades of pigment makes the outcome look deceptively similar to hair roots


Regaining the hairline will make you look up to 10 years younger and much more attractive.


The treatment is 100% safe because we use only natural pigments and reliable methods of the world’s highest

What’s more - MicroHaar Micropigmentation successfully camouflages all post-hair-transplantation scars, birthmarks, burns, and imperfections.

Etapy Mikropigmentacji MicroHaar:


During which we reconstruct your hairline and start to gently fill it in. It lasts for 2-4 hours.


It lasts for 2-4 hours. We make the pigmentation denser almost to the desired effect.


Within 1 to 3 hours, we finish up the pigmentation and preserve the effect.

The post-treatment involves a little discomfort: for 3 days, the head cannot get wet, intensive sweating (sauna, gym, jogging) is inadvisable, and so is touching the skin. It is also recommended to apply a special cream twice a day to speed up the recovery of the skin.

At any step of the MicroHaar Micropigmentation process, you get access to the great knowledge and experience of our experts. Thanks to that you are always attended with our care.

Are you afraid that the final result will not come up to your expectations? No need. Within a year after the treatment, every customer can get an unlimited number of corrections. We will continue the process until your full satisfaction.